Dog Training Programs

Intensive Dog Training

Bulletproof Dog Training turns good dogs into great dogs. And we are not afraid to work with “bad dogs” and rehab them into good dogs! Throughout our years of training dogs, we have learned the best way to train dogs to behave and follow commands. Bulletproof Dog Training has tamed the wildest of dogs too. Aggressive Dogs can be rehabilitated with the right reinforcement and positive training methods. Let us bring out the best in your dog in just a few weeks of one on one training or group lessons!

Through good dog training, desired behaviors and habits can be achieved.

You can select from the following lesson programs:

  • Puppy Classes
  • Beginner Lessons
  • Advanced Lessons
  • In-Home Lessons
  • Therapy Dog Training

All dog training programs are designed to improve your dog’s behavior. Your dog can achieve more with the right training. We also offer a free dog evaluation session so we can help you to determine the best training program to fit your dog’s current level and temperament.

Check out our Testimonial Page to see what people say about the quality of training their dogs received and how happy they are with a better behaved and more obedient pet.

Dog Training Programs

Beginner Lessons
Four weeks, one hour session each week with equipment and leash

Advanced Lessons
Seven weeks, one hour session each week with equipment & leash

In Home Lessons
Four weeks, one hour session each week with equipment and leash

Therapy Training
Seven weeks, you & your dog, one on one with trainer one hour sessions a week with equipment & leash

All of dog training courses are taught with positive re-enforcement. The desired behaviors are achieved with the assistance of an E-Collar.

Free Dog Training Evaluation

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